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New England Deconstruction started alongside New England ReUse and The ReUse People of America to meet the ever growing demand for renovation, while still preserving our environment and the economic standing of the community. 


Chris Kling, the owner/craftsman of New England Deconstruction, was always looking for ways to lower the cost of his hand-crafted products, while still maintaining the high level of quality his customers had grown to expect. In addition to crafting custom furniture, Chris was also offering home renovation services to the local community, a trade that wasn't without its own problems. The accumulated waste from one home renovation alone often provided enough quality materials to remodel entire properties.  The solution to Chris' problems, and many others came in the form of one word: Deconstruction. ​

Jim Conboy and Michele Lamothe, owners of the house at 5 Juniper Road, off Compo Road North, decided that instead of tearing down their 1,600-square foot, 1955-built ranch, they would remodel. And instead of bulldozing the part to be remodeled, they hired a deconstruction company to take it apart piece by piece. They are pictured at the house today as pieces were taken apart. According to Lamothe, “It will be a green renovation - -solar, rain water collection system, radiant heat.” She said all the contents will be reused, repurposed or recycled with only the sheet rock ending up in the trash.- Dave Matlow for

  • The Initial Once Over: Send us an email with photos of the property you are considering for deconstruction. This should include interior and exterior photos. Additionally, you should provide a list of any materials that you do NOT wish to include in the donation for the tax deduction.​

  • An On-site Visit: We will send an experienced licensed contractor to the property to evaluate, take measurements, and photograph the property for appraisal.  This will be performed by an IRS qualified appraiser which will determine the value of your tax deduction of the materials donated.

  • Contract: Our experienced professionals will draft a contract that will lay out the deconstruction process in an easy to follow step by step plan. The contract will list any material donations, services to be performed, applicable costs and an estimated time for the deconstruction to be performed.

  • Commencement of Work: After the contract has been agreed to and signed, we will perform a piece-by-piece deconstruction of the property as it is outlined in the contract. We will salvage any and all useable materials which will either be shipped to our TRP affiliated warehouse or returned to you for future projects. Once the property is deconstructed to the contract specifications, we will clean and remove any and all work debris.

  • Closing: Once the job is complete and the deconstruction was performed, we will provide you with a donation form to be used when filing your taxes.

Most Commonly Wasted Materials

  • Flooring

  • Framing

  • Lighting and Light fixtures

  • Kitchen Appliances

  • Counter bases and vanities

  • Counter tops

  • Cabinetry both wall and base 

  • Windows

  • Doors

  • Antique or well maintained furniture

  • Brick and special stones

  • Antique or Extinct Wood

Chris Kling

Owner and Operator

New England Deconstruction LLC

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