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"Deconstruction is an environmentally-friendly alternative to demolition. Trained deconstruction crews carefully deconstruct the building to salvage as many of the reusable materials as possible, diverting them from local landfills." -TRP 

We offer our deconstruction services through New England Deconstruction, LLC. For more questions or quotes please call us at 203-230-2647.


We offer a variety of custom built products using only the finest materials and quality control. If you can dream it, we can build it using our specialty reclaimed lumber or new wood. From wine racks to guitar bodies, there is nothing we can't do! In addition to our made-to-order products, we also offer a variety of items readily available for purchase in our showroom. 

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Anyone can make a donation to TRP through New England ReUse, and receive a donation receipt (once material has reached the warehouse) for a tax credit. In cases where a donation is reasonably estimated OVER $5,000.00, the donation is based off of an appraisal done by an IRS qualified appraiser. We only accept materials which are "gently-used".


Salvaged materials, such as lumber and appliances, are for-sale in our warehouse.  For purchases needing delivery, there will be an added fee based upon your order and location to be delivered.


Our warehouse is open to the public and to contractors.  Our stock updates daily.  Prices are subject to change. 

Deconstruction through 

The Reuse People of America


New England Deconstruction

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